lighting control

A centralized lighting control system is so practical it hardly seems like a luxury. A lighting control system simply links every light in your home (even related switchable devices) to a central “brain.” Traditional light switches can be either supplemented or replaced by small keypads that are configured to operate individual lights or groups of lights – however you desire. Some lighting control systems can be installed in existing homes without the need for any new wiring.

Downstairs lights left on? Turn them off from your bedroom upstairs. Having a dinner party? Press “Entertain” and groups of lights indoors and outdoors automatically switch on to the desired levels. Going away for a trip, travelling? Press “Vacation” and lights will turn on and off in a pattern that suggests you never left home. Watching a movie in your MDA home theater? Press “Movie” and relax as the lights dim, the shades close, the video screen descends, and the movie starts playing.

In many MDA installations, lighting control is part of an integrated system that allows you to manage your home theater, multi-room audio/video system, heating and AC, and other functions of your home from personalized touch-screen remotes, keypads, and even an iPad or iPhone located conveniently around your home