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“We believe design and technology belong together.”

Michael A. Wohl, MDA Founder- MDA has built its entire business around this belief. One of our specialties is making sure technology is never obtrusive – but a comfortable, natural extension of the way you live.


Media Design Associates is the recipient of numerous awards throughout the years. At Media Design Associates it’s always – Technology. Design. Experience.

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Whole House Music, Sonos Style


If you’re interested in a music system distributed throughout your entire house , Sonos makes an awesome suite of streaming audio devices that are compact, stylish, and are simple to operate and unbelievably cost effective.

Music at any Location No Wiring required


Each of the Sonos units connects wirelessly to your router so it can access your music library from anywhere in the house when connected to your favorite speaker, receiver, or other audio components. The beauty of the Sonos system is that each unit can also be controlled independently. So, blasting your favorite tunes in the workshop doesn’t affect what being played in the living room.

Music from Multiple Sources.

Connecting Sonos audio players with your digital music library is a snap. It can wirelessly interface directly with your PC, Mac or NAS

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and is compatible with all of the most popular audio file formats including iTunes, MP3s, Flacs, WAVs, and more.

Another key feature of Sonos is access to an assortment of internet radio. You can chose from over 100,000 national and international stations including NPR, LastFM and a MDA favorite, Pandora.


Sonos audio systems are also very simple to operate. There are a few control options including the Sonos handheld controller, through your PC or Mac, or even on your iPhone or iPad.
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