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“We believe design and technology belong together.”

Michael A. Wohl, MDA Founder- MDA has built its entire business around this belief. One of our specialties is making sure technology is never obtrusive – but a comfortable, natural extension of the way you live.


Media Design Associates is the recipient of numerous awards throughout the years. At Media Design Associates it’s always – Technology. Design. Experience.

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Whole House Audio – It Can Get Even Better


One of the best and least expensive ways to enhance the ambiance of your home is with music.

Whole-house music systems have speakers in each room so you can have music playing throughout the house.

We have been installing these systems for years and have hundreds of happy customers.

Everyone knows they are great for parties, but they are also simple to operate and great for everyday use.

Recently a few of our customers have wanted to take it to the next level. By adding a subwoofer to some of the more heavily trafficked areas they have created an amazingly full, rich sound that really makes you feel like the music is all around you.

Achieving really deep bass and reproducing it in your home audio system at real-life levels is easy.

The quality with most whole house audio systems (usually a combo of in ceiling and in wall speakers) is good but if you really want that deep base you can feel you will want to add a Subwoofer.  Subwoofers integrate smoothly into the whole house audio systems, increasing (intensifying) the bass without causing peaks or dips.  This way you can listen to your music anywhere you want AND you can also have deep rich bass tones.

Subwoofers can be hidden in the ceiling, in the walls, in cabinetry or under furniture. They have very flexible placement options. And, by adding a subwoofer to a room, you can take a nice sound system and make it amazing.

Let us know if you have a room or outside area where you would like to augment the sound quality with a subwoofer. You will not be disappointed.

Media Design Associates makes sure every system we install fits in seamlessly with your home’s existing décor. Speakers are placed inconspicuously in ceilings, walls, custom cabinetry or on bookshelves. We even install completely invisible speaker systems for those focused on maintaining existing aesthetics.

Take it from us, adding a subwoofer is an enhancement you won’t want to live without.

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