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We just got back from CEDIA EXPO!


We just got back from CEDIA EXPO. CEDIA is our industry trade show. There were too many amazing new products unveiled for us to share them all with you, so we narrowed it down to our favorite 10.


What impressed us about this is that the iPod attaches to the wall charger with a magnet. Easy, removal and no cords!


This projector is amazing, it gives you 4 times the resolution as conventional projectors (1080p). It is set to launch in January and will run $25k. Take it from me, this ultra-high resolution projector is guaranteed to set a new standard!



This mount is actually recessed into the wall so when it retracts, the back disappears into the wall and the TV is truly flush with the wall.


This in-wall Creston iPad dock mounts flush with the wall and is easy to remove.

We got to see lots of different options in home surveillance. What is particularly exciting about the ICRealtime security solutions is the smartphone / iPad functionality. You can now view and control your cameras from anywhere around the world.


What makes these so great is that it gives you a low cost solution and still maintains the Lutron world class quality, reliability and control.


This smart thermostat connects to Lutron’s system to provide you with control remotely with your smartphone and iPad.


Not only is this the worlds largest flat screen it gives you 4 times the resolution of a standard HD (not to mention goosebumps). At 1/2 a million bucks, this is an experience so remarkable, so incredibly stunning you will definitely fall in love.



Traditional television bezels have been between 2 & 3 inches. Now, they come as small as 1/2 inch which looks amazingly sleek.


These systems have all the features of a residential phone system but it also integrates easily with your iPad & smartphone.

And that’s just our top 10! If you have questions about these products, or would like to know about the other products we saw, give us a call today!

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