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Video Conferencing Through Your TV


When video conferencing was introduced in the 80’s it was expensive, the equipment was cumbersome and difficult to come by. There have been many technical advances over the last 30 odd years and now just about anyone can make video calls with their computer or smart phone. Video conferencing or telepresence systems now fall into two classes of service; business & personal.

Examples of an individual user are your grandparents video calling you over skype to say hi to the little ones, or the average person using their email or instant messenging client to video call a friend. Google has recently announced they are developing a skype-like product that will work through the Chrome browser; we have yet to see if it will include video capabilities. Some of the technical issues with this are latency and jitter, but all in all it’s a cool technology to have on hand.

The business users require more than a point to point connection; often a business video conference (commonly referred to as telepresence) meeting can

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involve several attendees from multiple locations at once. While this equipment is far pricier than what the individual pays, the quality is much higher and it helps companies cut travel costs and impress participants and decisions can be made more quickly. Some personal products also support multi-point video service, the main difference will continue to be the security and quality of the audio/video connection.

Cisco, Polycom/IBM, and Skype/Panasonic/LG/Samsung have all come out with products that bring videoconferencing into the living room.

Video conferencing is one of the many technologies that brings people together and breaks through barriers and is now available through your home theater system, home office television or any room through a television set.

So whether you are interested in a video conferencing system for business or personal use, we have you covered.

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