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About MDA

“We believe design and technology belong together.”

Michael A. Wohl, MDA Founder- MDA has built its entire business around this belief. One of our specialties is making sure technology is never obtrusive – but a comfortable, natural extension of the way you live.


Media Design Associates is the recipient of numerous awards throughout the years. At Media Design Associates it’s always – Technology. Design. Experience.

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Homeowners today know that networks for data and video are also necessary to assist in many daily tasks. These networks can be integrated with television systems, VPN connections, business, appliances, and many other uses. The quality of your network can have a major impact on your lifestyle.

At Media Design Associates, we know that implementing the correct network for your home or business is a key aspect in the success of a project. Our thought is to wire for everything now, even wireless.  When building or remodeling a home, start with a plan for future wiring needs.

While no one can guarantee what the future will look like, we make it our business to stay current to offer expert advice about technologies on the horizon.

Remodeling and Home Design