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“We believe design and technology belong together.”

Michael A. Wohl, MDA Founder- MDA has built its entire business around this belief. One of our specialties is making sure technology is never obtrusive – but a comfortable, natural extension of the way you live.


Media Design Associates is the recipient of numerous awards throughout the years. At Media Design Associates it’s always – Technology. Design. Experience.

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  • MDA Helps Stearns Weaver Miller Create the Most Technologically Advanced Mock Courtroom

MDA Helps Stearns Weaver Miller Create the Most Technologically Advanced Mock Courtroom


(Miami, FL October 2010) — Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler  Alhadeff & Sitterson P.A,  had their first trial in their state-of-art courtroom just finished at their headquarters in Miami, FL.  As Florida’s top law firm, SWMWAS wanted to create the ultimate in courtroom re-enactments and meeting/conference rooms.  With the help of Media Design Associates,  not only did they get a (mock) courtroom in design, but  with the meticulous attention to detail in design, IT and technology, it has now debued as the premier courtroom like it in the country.

Stearns Weaver Miller Alhadeff  & Sitterson PA already had ample place in their offices for courtroom reenactments and meetings/ presentations.  In an effort to continually serve their clients better, they asked Media Design Associates, (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) to assist them in making it truly spectacular.  “When they took me to see a true federal courtroom in Miami, I knew that they needed to not only add some space with audio/visual and recording capabilities,  but truly create a ‘mock’ courtroom that could accurately replicate the emotions and feelings involves in a case setting, “ says Michael Wohl, President Media Design Associates.   With the products available today, we were able to use HD cameras for recording all the nuances clearly.   SWMWAS loved the idea and gave us the go ahead.  I never have seen anything done to this level of authenticity outside a Hollywood studio.”

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About MDA:
Media Design Associates is an award-winning, CEDIA-certified electronic systems contractor specializing in the design, installation, and integration of IT and of custom systems including board rooms and conference rooms for commercial applications, and home theaters, complete lighting and shading solutions, home automation, multi-room audio/video, and telecommunication systems for residential, commercial and MDU projects throughout the country and Caribbean Islands.  For more information please visit us at or call our offices at 954-334-0000.

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