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“We believe design and technology belong together.”

Michael A. Wohl, MDA Founder- MDA has built its entire business around this belief. One of our specialties is making sure technology is never obtrusive – but a comfortable, natural extension of the way you live.


Media Design Associates is the recipient of numerous awards throughout the years. At Media Design Associates it’s always – Technology. Design. Experience.

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What IS "Home Automation?"

Your favorite Boca Raton Custom Audio/Video Integrator Provides an Easy Guide

What’s home automation? It’s not a silly question. When customers call Media Design Associates for advice on how to automate their homes, they’re often unsure what automation is exactly, let alone know the level of “intelligence” that they want in their home. Drawing from years of experience providing integration services throughout Boca Raton and beyond, we assembled this brief guide to help you decide exactly how “automated” you want your home to be.

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Product Spotlight: Sonance Visual Performance Series Speakers

South Florida A/V integration specialists showcase the next generation in-wall options

Welcome back!

Media Design Associates is determined to be your resource for all things related to home automation and audio/video technology. As part of this ongoing effort, we wanted to take the opportunity of this latest blog to showcase one of our favorite components currently being launched: The Sonance Visual Performance Series Speakers.

Sonance is the company that invented the in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker. Just recently they introduced the next generation of their Visual Performance Series. It’s a total redevelopment that includes over 50 new models delivering groundbreaking sonic performance with Sonance’s award-winning micro-trim grille aesthetic.

When the Visual Performance Series was released it set a new industry standard for the aesthetic of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. …

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What does 4K Mean to You

SoFlo custom electronics & design integration firm demystifies the new TV technology

Welcome back!

We’ve noticed that 4K TVs are slowly coming to market in force, with more major manufacturers announcing new products all the time. The latest (and perhaps most enthusiastic) is Sony, and Media Design Associates is taking the opportunity of our latest blog to get into the (high resolution) details…


What’s the difference (between 1080p and 4K resolution)?

A High Definition TV with 1080p resolution is composed of two million pixels (1920 x 1080), while a 4K TV (aka Ultra High Definition) has over eight million pixels (3840 x 2160). Therefore, 4K has around four times more resolution than 1080p and produces a clearer picture.

Sony was the first to market a 4K video player for its 84 inch Ultra High Definition (HD) TVs and announced the world’s first 4K video distribution …

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An Interior Designer's Worst Nightmare...Ugly Technology

South Florida Custom Installation Specialists Spotlight How to Disguise Progress

Welcome Back!

As audio video integration specialists, Media Design Associates has been called upon to work with some of South Florida’s finest interior designers, architects and craftsman to assist in the technology design process. Everyone loves the benefits of technology, but fitting technology into a given space without compromising the integrity of the interior designer’s vision takes skill and experience.

For this MDA blog, we explore three ways to hide the most common home technology piece of equipment….the TV!

Televisions Lifts

There are many types of television lifts. They can come from under a bed, from the ceiling, or any piece of cabinetry. It is of the utmost importance for the interior designers, AV integrator (MDA) and other craftsman to work together …

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Audio Technology Spotlight: Sonos Wireless HiFi System

Media Design Associates Showcases a Favorite Audio Option

Media Design Associates Showcases a Favorite Audio Option

Welcome back!

There are dozens of professions (medical, legal, etc.) for whom a social introduction is immediately followed with, “Y’know, I’ve been wanting to meet with someone who does what you do because I’ve got this situation…” and then it gets awkward. Who wants to spend time talking about a stranger’s bunions or their pending lawsuit? Thankfully, this is never an issue for us here at Media Design Associates! We love to talk about what we do and how we do it, and never hesitate to offer advice based on our experience.

Cynthia and I were recently attending an event where, with no prodding from us, the conversation turned to the new Sonos components currently being marketed. “Is it really as easy …

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